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Welcome to Real Assurance Risk Management, your resource for Risk Management; Internal Audit; Corporate Governance and Compliance. We are now pleased to announce the launch of the discussion board and internal auditing software. See side panels for details.

Risk management is becoming ever more important for all organizations. A lot more attention is now being given to it, especially in the financial services sector, mainly driven by regulation. However, many organizations see the intrinsic merit of better risk management as being of major business benefit.

As risk management matures as a discipline, there's no doubt that the move is towards more quantification. Without using numbers "risk management" tends be of limited value. Our aim is to help organisations improve their efficiency and cost effectiveness in risk management and internal control by applying more rigorous methods. We do this by the provision of tailored risk and control frameworks and effective training to risk, control and audit managers.

The major recent developments are Basel 2 for banks and Solvency 2 for insurers. These will require internal auditors in financial institutions to upskill themselves in quantified risk methodologies where our quantified risk courses will help.

We would be interested in your own views and comments. Please take the trouble to register and join the debate in our discussion forum.

Book the training courses shown here through Real Assurance and you can obtain significant discounts to the normal price.

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We have submitted a consolidated response to both reviews proposing the very radical action we believe is necessary.

We have now put an operational risk calculator onto the site.  You can use it to calculate Weibull, GPD and actuarial (compound) samples and calculate parameters from your data inputs. Try it!

RLS audit software is now available. It is fully risk based and runs via a web server on an intranet or over the internet. Details

Using the concept of "Web 2.0" we wish to build a risk based audit library. We will start with banks and financial institutions and hope to build the first accessible library of such programmes. Details

Attendees of our courses get free consulting on topics of their choice. more..
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